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Only one person per reservation unless it is a married couple, please.

Our live webinars are offered on a complimentary basis.  We are accepting voluntary donations to our Pet Drive to assist private non-profit rescue groups with their veterinary expenses.

Exception:  If you should have two or more no shows and/or late cancellation, there will be a small fee charged for future classes in an eighteen-month schedule.

Classes are not offered for manager credit. 

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Very Important Information Regarding Your Reservation: Our individualized Confirmations and Reminder notices which have critical information about the seminar are sent through email.  Unless you add our email address to your address book, there is a very good chance that you will not receive vital information (e.g., links to the webinar, webinar information, class cancellations, time changes, etc.).

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Special Note: As of this time, our classes are not available for manager credit. If this should change, we will make an announcement.

I understand that a Public Relations Team Member will call me to obtain the Association information to prepare a customized package.

Want to pre-submit a question?  Here’s your chance!

We are now accepting pre-submitted questions to be answered at the webinar.  The question must be on the topic presented.  Please keep the question brief.  One question per person.

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