Clayton & McCulloh’s Client Manager Update Information Sheet

If you are a licensed community association manager and are currently representing one of our Association clients, please complete this form to update your information for our databases.  If you are not currently managing one of our clients, you may still sign up to be on our mailing list or simply update your information for database for seminar invitation.  Please use this link to direct to you the correct form.  All information provided is confidential and is not disclosed to any outside source. 

As a client manager, you will automatically receive the following complimentary services:

  • 24/7 Access Contact Person.  As a client’s manager, you will be provided a number where you can contact our Director of Public Relations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If legal advice is required, the call will then be directed to one of our attorneys.
  •  Our e-mail service. Our e-mail service notifies you of new laws, late breaking news in the industry, upcoming seminars, and new services which will assist your association.  
  • Our Community Association Newsletter. You will receive our complimentary newsletter, "Association Developments" created especially for directors and managers of community associations. This newsletter is printed quarterly.
  • Invitations to our Annual Community Association Law Seminars, Legal Updates, and For Managers Only Seminars. Our clients’ managers receive advance notice of any seminars that our firm is hosting.  Most, if not all of our seminars, are offered for credit. 
  • Notification when a Member of the Firm is a Guest Speaker. Whenever a member of our firm is a guest speaker at another organization’s event, we will issue a special invitation to you so that you may attend. 
General Information
Work Information
Home Information

(In the event that you should leave your current management company or the Association,
we will provide a supplemental four complimentary issues of our newsletters, unlimited invitations
and speaking engagements to your residence)