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Request for Estoppel Certificate

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, request for Estoppel Certificates will be processed within 15 days of receiving your request.  If you request rush service and agree to the terms outlines for “rush request” below, the Estoppel Certificate shall be expedited and provided to you as soon as practical.

Requestor must complete authorization below and must clearly state the party (name of unit owner / mortgagee) on whose behalf this request is made.  You must be authorized / designated by the unit owner / mortgagee to request this estoppel.

The Estoppel Certificate issued by this firm will be conditioned upon the Requestor, contacting the Association’s property manager and receiving information regarding violations, insurance policies, master / sub association, etc.

If the Owner wishes to claim the limited liability exception, or the so-called “Safe Harbor” provisions, of the Florida Statutes 718.116 or 720.3085, you must provide documentation to substantiate the entitlement (assignment of mortgage, note indorsement, etc., dated pre-judgment).  If you do not, an Estoppel Certificate with all delinquent assessments and other collection, administrative, and late charges will be provided.

Requests to revise an Estoppel Certificate will be considered a new and separate request and will only be processed with the payment of the $250.00 estoppel fee in advance, which fee is non-refundable; particularly should documentation demonstrating Safe-Harbor entitlement not be presented.  Therefore, it is in your client’s interest to submit the requested documentation with the initial request.  Estoppel updates requested thirty or more days after an initial estoppel certificate is provided require a new completed form.

Payment may be made online here.

OR by mail / delivery of the request form and payment of $250.00 (standard request) / $400.00 (rush request) payable to:

Clayton & McCulloh
1065 Maitland Center Commons Blvd.
Maitland, FL 32751


Safe Harbor Claim Supporting Documentation

In consideration for expedited processing, I, individually and on behalf of the payor of the estoppel fee, hereby waive any right to any refund of the estoppel fee which might be claimed under Florida Statute 718.116(8) for condominium or 720.30851 for homeowner/property owner associations.