Let’s Get Down to Businesses

Neal McCulloh | Apr 10, 2017

A provision which prohibits all Business and Commercial Operations may prove problematic, as it may seek to prohibit all business and commercial activities (i.e., operations) within a community. Please appreciate that prohibiting business and commercial activities within communities has become…

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The Struggle of Notifying Out-of-State Condominium Owners

Clayton & McCulloh | Dec 05, 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, Condominium Associations find themselves sending out mandatory notices to Owners regarding budget proposals, declaration amendments, changes to monthly assessments, etc. But what if, as with many of Florida’s condominium owners, a unit…

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Future of Community Associations

Clayton & McCulloh | Sep 25, 2015

As communities age and populations age and expand in Florida, developers and associations both face new challenges that are vastly different from the ones overcome since the turn of the century.  The advent of this century brought such issues as insurance and…

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Who Pays When An Association Acquires A Vacant Lot?

Clayton & McCulloh | Aug 18, 2015

An Association forecloses on a vacant lot in the neighborhood and takes title after foreclosure. The scenario is not uncommon; especially in neighborhoods that are developing, expansive, affluent, or newly built. But if the Association holds record title to a vacant…

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