Short and Sweet Legislative Session Update

Brian S. Hess | Mar 20, 2018

Of all the bills filed regarding community associations from this 2018 Florida legislative session, only two major bills had survived by the end of the session on Friday, March 9: HB 841, which is this year’s “omnibus” bill, and HB 617, which relates to MRTA (the Florida Marketable Record…

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What is a Registered Agent? Who Needs One?

Arlene-Frances Ring | Jan 27, 2018

Designating a Registered Agent for your Association is a requirement of Florida’s Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.  If you do not designate a Registered Agent, your corporate status will be in jeopardy of being dissolved and your Association will lose all protection that is afforded you as a Not-…

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Heads up! Potential changes to MRTA incoming!

Brian S. Hess | Dec 21, 2017

Although the next legislative session has not yet started as of the date of writing (note: starts January 9, 2018), bills affecting community associations are often filed months in advance of the start of the session. We are most closely monitoring, at this time, Senate Bill 266.

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Criminal Sections For Rogue Associations

Maitland | Dec 11, 2017

Condominium Associations in Florida are run by Volunteers who for the most part are individuals who have no criminal intent while performing their Association duties.  According to the Final Report of the Miami-Dade County Grand Jury filed February 6, 2017,…

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“The times…they are a-changin'…”

Brian S. Hess | Sep 18, 2017

Condo Association Board Members may now face recall without the ability to arbitrate the recall process conducted by owners. In early September, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes, issued a Final Order of… Continue reading

"How can we stop Animal Abuse?"

Clayton & McCulloh | Aug 09, 2017

For most, our animals are treated just like children. They are beloved members of our family. Unfortunately, not everyone treats their animals in such a away. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the most common victims of animal abuse are dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. Continue reading

"Another Day, Another Battle..."

Brian S. Hess | Jul 18, 2017

As you may be aware, the Florida legislature approved six bills that directly affect Community Associations in the 2017 legislative session. The governor approved five of these bills, and vetoed one of them. This article will quickly address the three bills that…

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