CM On Demand

Welcome to CM On Demand – a service exclusive to Clayton & McCulloh, the firm that Embraces Community!   New to the Board of Directors and need to take your Board Certification Class?  Can’t wait for a live seminar and/or webinar?    Now you don’t have to!  Take the class at your convenience – day or night!  At 1:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.  In the morning or the evening!  Take it on a holiday!  It’s all about what is best for you.  This complimentary service is available to you whether you are a client or not.

CM On Demand was created for those individuals who are unable to attend one of our live seminars/webinars, but still needs to take the course before their 90-day deadline expires.  At the time of this posting (late July 2020), we believe we are the only law firm in Central Florida (or maybe even in the State) that is offering this class on demand and on a complimentary basis.  

Background.  As you may know, the Florida Legislature passed a law that requires all new board members take an approved Board Certification class within ninety days upon being elected to the Board of Directors or execute an Affidavit “opting out” of the class.  Residents who want to run for the Board may also take this class within one year of running for the Board.  Of course, any resident may take the class for their own educational benefit.  

If you would like to order this class, please make your request here.  You will receive an Instructional Email with instructions on how to take the class, receive your Certificate, and how to file the paperwork within a few minutes of C&M receiving your request.  To ensure, it does not go into your spam folder or worse yet – a black hole - add in your email contacts.

Please do not share the link.  In order to receive credit, each person should make their own reservation and complete the required survey.

Need assistance?  We are here for you!  Call our Public Relations Department during business hours or call (407) 875-4429 after hours.


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