Embracing Community - Howard Middle School

By: Michelle Tylutki, Collections Manager
Lisa Roriguez-Davis and Michelle Tylutki
(Lisa Rodriguez-Davis teacher at Howard Middle, and Michelle Tylutki)
Embracing Community has never meant more to the staff and attorneys at C&M than it does around the holidays.  Ten years ago, an Association Client Board Member, sought Clayton & McCulloh's assistance in providing gifts for her class.  Her class consisted of students who's families were very poor and/or had special needs.   The first year was quite humbling as we discovered the list included items not normally requested as Christmas gifts.  Besides requesting toys, the students requested gifts, food, and toiletry items for their parents and sibling.  We learned that many of these children would not receive any gifts without our assistance.  Clayton & McCulloh made the decision to embrace this class in 2006 and every year since. 
Over the years the class has grown, but the needs remain fairly consistent.  Personal hygiene items, food for the families, and food for the classroom for those students who don't have enough to eat at home.   This year was another huge success due to the generosity of our staff and we are honored to continue embracing these children.  The look on the children's faces when we show up with car loads of gifts and food and candy is priceless and brings unimaginable joy to all those who participate.
Embracing Community - for us it is not a slogan - it's a way of life!