Neal McCulloh | Sep 21, 2021

Of all the violations a community association must deal with, nuisances are perhaps the most troublesome because of their inherent uncertainty. Unfortunately, determining what constitutes a nuisance and determining when to take action with respect to a nuisance is somewhat troublesome. While it… Continue reading

Ding Dong! Association Calling!

Arlene-Frances Ring | Jun 24, 2021

Starting a new resident off in your community may be one of the most important tasks you do as a Board Member. If a resident is welcomed into the community and in a warm, friendly manner advised of their responsibilities as a member of a deed restricted community, it can pay off in dividends to… Continue reading

Will it Fly? Display of Flags

Russell Klemm | Apr 13, 2021

Several years ago, a few Homeowners Associations, located in south Florida, brought legal actions against Association members, one of whom was a veteran, to prohibit the flying of United States flags on the homeowner’s/veteran’s property. Continue reading

What is Mediation?

Alan Schwartzseid | Mar 11, 2021

Mediation can be a game-changing event in the course of a legal dispute. It can take place at any stage of the dispute, but is frequently required before certain actions can be taken. For example, it must be offered pre-suit in certain Florida Homeowners Association disputes (F.S. § 720.311),… Continue reading