Don’t let your control go bye-bye

Alan Schwartzseid | Jun 14, 2022

Given their age, many Florida community associations are (often unknowingly) allowing their covenants to expire. Unfortunately not all such communities choose to use an attorney, or at least one whose procedures include notifying associations in advance that their covenants will expire under the… Continue reading

Holiday Décor: Ho Ho Ho, or Bah Humbug?!

Alan Schwartzseid | Jan 03, 2022

The holidays can bring out the best in a community: parties, lights, statues, and festive adornments throughout the neighborhood are common and largely welcomed in community associations. However, there is certainly disparity between what some members adore as tasteful, festive, and appropriate… Continue reading


Neal McCulloh | Sep 21, 2021

Of all the violations a community association must deal with, nuisances are perhaps the most troublesome because of their inherent uncertainty. Unfortunately, determining what constitutes a nuisance and determining when to take action with respect to a nuisance is somewhat troublesome. While it… Continue reading