Ding Dong! Association Calling!

Arlene-Frances Ring | Jun 24, 2021

Starting a new resident off in your community may be one of the most important tasks you do as a Board Member. If a resident is welcomed into the community and in a warm, friendly manner advised of their responsibilities as a member of a deed restricted community, it can pay off in dividends to… Continue reading

Will it Fly? Display of Flags

Russell Klemm | Apr 13, 2021

Several years ago, a few Homeowners Associations, located in south Florida, brought legal actions against Association members, one of whom was a veteran, to prohibit the flying of United States flags on the homeowner’s/veteran’s property. Continue reading

What is Mediation?

Alan Schwartzseid | Mar 11, 2021

Mediation can be a game-changing event in the course of a legal dispute. It can take place at any stage of the dispute, but is frequently required before certain actions can be taken. For example, it must be offered pre-suit in certain Florida Homeowners Association disputes (F.S. § 720.311),… Continue reading

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Neal McCulloh | Mar 11, 2021

Unfortunately, the risks to associations continue to escalate. As many of you are aware, associations often can be at risk for violations of the Fair Housing Act, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). One of the issues that seems to be emerging deals with the risk associated with… Continue reading

About Those Community Entrance Security Cameras

Alan Schwartzseid | Mar 11, 2021

Installing security cameras at community entrances, or elsewhere within the community, may sound like an excellent idea – it could deter nefarious acts, assist in determining who is causing problems, and create evidence of bad acts. Community association directors may, however, be unaware that it… Continue reading

Voting in a Virtual World

Clayton & McCulloh | Mar 11, 2021

If you are like most Americans at this moment, voting is at the top of your mind. While most local governments have not instituted electronic or online voting for governmental elections, Florida law does allow community associations, specifically including condominiums and homeowners associations,… Continue reading

I Want a Refund!

Alan Schwartzseid | May 11, 2020

We have recently seen an increase of owners demanding a reduction of periodic (“regular”) assessments, due to Coronavirus/COVID-19-related closures or limited use of common areas/amenities (e.g., pools, gyms, clubhouses, etc.). These requests imply that the association should not seek the amounts… Continue reading