Who? Me? Why Every Member In A Community Should Run For A Board Position.

17 Jul 2018 in
In real estate, it is all about “location, location, location”, and more often than not that can be directly tied back to the community around that location. When you think about a community many things come to mind. Too often most people think of a bad experience they might have had with a member of an Association’s Board of Directors. These experiences can have the negative effect of ensuring that capable individuals will never even consider becoming a member of an Association Board out of disdain for one bad event. While sometimes tedious, a Community Association’s Board of Directors serves a vital purpose to any community, and the value of being one of the members of the board making those decisions cannot be overstated...

"Another Day, Another Battle..."

18 Jul 2017 in

As you may be aware, the Florida legislature approved six bills that directly affect Community Associations in the 2017 legislative session. The governor approved five of these bills, and vetoed one of them. This article will quickly address the three bills that provide the greatest effect on our client Associations, and will give a short summary of how they may affect your Association.